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Southfield, Michigan Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense Attorney: Legal Advice in Southfield MI | Garmo PC - justiceMarshal A. Garmo, PC provides unrivaled legal services when you need it the most.

“Innocent until proven guilty” is a central principle of our justice system, yet it’s far easier said than done. Without the support of a dedicated criminal defense lawyer, it can be difficult to ensure a fair trial and sentencing. Marshal A. Garmo, PC provides criminal defense services for a wide range of felonies and misdemeanor charges, striving for fair outcomes no matter the nature of the case against you.

Attorney for DUI and Traffic Violations

Criminal Defense Attorney: Legal Advice in Southfield MI | Garmo PC - studyDUI charges and other traffic violations are among the most common offenses, but just because they are common does not mean they are easy to deal with. Marshal A. Garmo, PC, an experienced defense lawyer, knows driving and DUI law backward and forward and can protect you from both serious charges and unfair punishments.

Marshal will fight to minimize or eliminate jail sentences, ensure timely driving license restoration, and otherwise protect you from unfair punishments. He also protects your reputation during the case, making sure that the court of public opinion does not compound your punishment in the court of law.

Defense Attorney Services for All Criminal Charges

In addition to DUI defense and traffic tickets, Marshal A. Garmo, PC provides legal services for all other criminal cases. If you have been charged with assault, domestic violence, larceny, or any other serious crime you can count on him to:

  • Examine the Evidence - While the case against you may seem airtight, evidence of a crime is often weaker than it appears. Even forensic data can often be misleading, while eyewitnesses frequently fail to remember key details correctly. Marshal A. Garmo, PC interrogates all of these sources of evidence in detail, looking for any flaws to strengthen your case. He also assembles evidence in your defense, sparing no effort to learn everything he can about what really happened.
  • Deal with the Prosecution - Talking to the prosecuting lawyer, as well as any paralegals, witnesses or other people involved in making the case against you, is a dangerous process. He handles these interactions for you so you do not risk releasing information that will bolster their case.
  • Ensure Fair Sentencing - As with driving offenses, a guilty verdict should not mean that all bets are off in terms of sentencing. He makes sure that the severity of your punishment does not exceed that of the crime, and that you are treated well by court and law enforcement officials during and after the case.

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