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Family Law & Divorce Attorney: Southfield MI Lawyer | Garmo PC - divorceMarshal A. Garmo, PC Offers Compassionate Legal Help for Difficult Family Situations.

Family disputes are never pleasant, but they need not cause additional anguish. Provided the proper legal support, you and your family can find an amicable solution to divorce, alimony, custody disputes and other legal issues. With a keen sense of family law and the tactics necessary to bring you and all other parties peace of mind, Marshal A. Garmo, PC can offer just such support.

A Divorce Lawyer with a Focus on Finding Agreement

Family Law & Divorce Attorney: Southfield MI Lawyer | Garmo PC - ringsDivorce is one of the most devastating issues in family law, both emotionally and financially. Marshal A. Garmo, PC spares no effort to keep this devastation to a minimum. He focuses on finding a solution that both you and your spouse will be able to accept, considering both of your needs and goals and identifying the easiest way to achieve them all at once. By fostering mutual agreement, he ensures that you will each be pleased with the result and can separate from one another amicably.

Marshal A. Garmo, PC’s commitment to amicable solutions does not mean he is unwilling to take your dispute to court if need be. While he does what he can to make everyone happy, he also recognizes that your spouse may not be willing to negotiate fairly, and will never let them take more than they deserve. He will build a strong case for you, using your reputation, past contributions and all other information that can aid in your defense. He will also take over all interactions with your spouse’s lawyers, ensuring that they do not uncover any information that could undermine your case.

Satisfying Solutions During & After Divorce

Divorce is never final, and even if you and your spouse think you have tied up all loose ends relating to your marriage, something may come up in the future that changes this picture. Marshal A. Garmo, PC offers legal advice and support for the full range of these issues, including:

  • Child Custody - If you and your former spouse have children, you will both undoubtedly want to spend time with them. Marshal A. Garmo, PC will come up with a custody schedule that is fair to both of you, taking into account your amount of free time, past contributions to childcare and all other relevant considerations. He can then adjust this schedule as needed given changes in your careers, desires and places of residence.
  • Alimony Payments - Taking into account you and your spouse’s sources of income, monetary needs and prospects for earning more, he will help you agree on whether one of you needs to pay the other alimony and how large the payment should be, if so. We can then make sure that the party paying alimony does so on time and in the proper amount.
  • Asset Division - He helps you divide your assets in a fair and equitable way, taking into account not only the monetary value of your possessions, but also their sentimental value.

Family Law & Divorce Attorney: Southfield MI Lawyer | Garmo PC - icon-contact-callout-lady-justiceDon’t let your divorce cause further pain. To learn more family law, contact Marshal A. Garmo, PC today.

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