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Dependable Real Estate Transaction Attorney in Southfield, MI

Real Estate Transaction Attorney: Southfield MI Lawyer | Garmo PC - contractMarshal A. Garmo, PC works hard to give his clients a real estate resolution each and every time.

Some of the most intractable legal disputes in history have concerned the ownership of land. Real estate transactions remain a common source of controversy for businesses and individuals due not only to the value of the underlying property, but also to environmental, emotional and ideological concerns. Marshal A. Garmo, PC strives to resolve these issues in a way that leaves all parties satisfied. He gives you the legal support and counsel you need to overcome any disputes you may have over any property.

Expertise & Experience in a Wide Variety of Real Estate Issues

Marshal A. Garmo, PC is well versed in local, state and federal property laws. This leaves him prepared to handle every manner of real estate issue, including:

  • Purchase Agreements - If you sign a purchase agreement with another party but they fail to live up to their end of the bargain, Marshal A. Garmo, PC can ensure that they give you what you deserve and compensate you for any trouble you had because of their actions. He examines the agreement in detail, determines exactly what it obligates each party to do and proves in court that the other party has yet to keep their word.
  • Boundary Issues - If you and a neighboring real estate owner disagree about where your property ends and theirs begins, he can clear the issue up. He will review the deeds of your properties and look for any indication of who owns what. If there is no clear answer, he considers both legal precedent and each of your interests as property owners to find an agreement that you can accept.
  • Eminent Domain - While the government does have the right to take your land for certain purposes, they must have a clear justification for doing so. He makes sure you are given such a justification, as well as proper compensation, whenever eminent domain is used to expropriate your property.
  • Financial Disputes - If there is any dispute regarding your mortgage, property taxes, insurance payments or anything else related to financing your property, he resolves it quickly and fairly.

Marshal A. Garmo, PC has resolved real estate issues in Michigan for more than 32 years. This means he has experience with virtually every type of dispute. No matter what legal issue you encounter, you can count on him to know how to deal with it.

Real Estate Transaction Attorney: Southfield MI Lawyer | Garmo PC - real-estate-attorneyReducing Stress & Expense in Real Estate Issues

Real estate issues can be costly, both in a financial sense and in terms of the stress they put on you, your business or your family. Marshal A. Garmo, PC seeks to resolve your issues as quickly as possible without cutting any corners. By rapidly arriving at robust, amicable solutions, he is able to save you from worrying about a property in jeopardy and let you make clear, accurate plans for your financial future.

Real Estate Transaction Attorney: Southfield MI Lawyer | Garmo PC - icon-contact-callout-lady-justiceFor more information on legal services for your property or to request legal support, contact Marshal A. Garmo, PC today.

A Tradition of Excellence: Aggressive & Compassionate Representation for All of Our Clients
Marshal Garmo has been my business/real estate attorney for over ten years. His business and real estate knowledge have provided me a sense of peace of mind when I close a transaction. I know that a true professional is standing with me and protecting my rights. One more thing about Marshal is that he is always available to talk to me whenever I need him.